Thursday, March 25, 2010

All about Appliques!

What a week! I'm busy prepping for the London Moms Mom 2 Mom sale this Friday and Saturday at Lucas Secondary School in London. I'm currently working on carrier #5 for the week! This afternoon I'll be finishing up 6 or so Knot bags and then I'm ready to go, see you all there!
I've been inspired to improve my applique work. It adds a lovely touch to the finished carrier and I just love how these turned out!

First carrier is a custom order for a princess ;). You know who you are.

These next 3 are for the show this weekend. There will be a fourth and it will have the spring street print as above, with 1 applique.

Daisy Blue

Carnival bloom


And finally, my first fully reversible carrier, 2 beautiful prints combined to make one fabulous carrier! This one goes to Cheri, enjoy wearing your baby in style!

And finally, all wrapped up and ready for their new homes!

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