Thursday, March 25, 2010

All about Appliques!

What a week! I'm busy prepping for the London Moms Mom 2 Mom sale this Friday and Saturday at Lucas Secondary School in London. I'm currently working on carrier #5 for the week! This afternoon I'll be finishing up 6 or so Knot bags and then I'm ready to go, see you all there!
I've been inspired to improve my applique work. It adds a lovely touch to the finished carrier and I just love how these turned out!

First carrier is a custom order for a princess ;). You know who you are.

These next 3 are for the show this weekend. There will be a fourth and it will have the spring street print as above, with 1 applique.

Daisy Blue

Carnival bloom


And finally, my first fully reversible carrier, 2 beautiful prints combined to make one fabulous carrier! This one goes to Cheri, enjoy wearing your baby in style!

And finally, all wrapped up and ready for their new homes!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sling recalls

I would like to address the recent recalls and news stories regarding Bag style slings. These particular carriers have been linked to several cases of infant suffucation. Here are a few links regarding initial concerns about these slings, ending in the recall of over 1m products! While it's a great victory for babywearing safety, it's important to note that we must use caution with every carrier we choose to use. Learning to use your carrier properly will ensure the best possible positioning and lessening the chances of accident. Visit your local Baby Wearing support group if you have concerns.

Link to study started on TBW in 2008 concerning the safety of Bag Style Slings:

Information on the recent recall:

Happy and Safe Baby Wearing!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Over a month...time does fly!

Well, the computer is still hit and miss, such is life. I figured I should update while I can! Feburary was a wonderful quiet month, I spent much time preparing for my spring show schedule. March as proven to be a busy month! Spring is in the air and baby wearers are coming out of their houses after a long (but great) winter. On March 26, I'll be heading to the London Moms spring Mom 2 Mom sale, I'm so looking forward to seeing some of my favorate Mamas again!

Of course we also need a photo update! My lovely pfaff has been happily sewing up these Mei Tais for for some fabulous customers.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

To my wonderful customers,

Wow, it has been a couple of weeks
My computer has been undergoing some connection difficulties, and is in for repairs. Thankfully the sewing machine is working wonderfully and churning out lovelies everyday. Stay tuned for updates. I'm promising pictures of carriers, bags, and fabric teasers..Cheers!